Setting Expectations with Google Analytics

For this lesson, it’s all about setting our expectations for what we will get out of Google Analytics.

This tool is awesome, so whatever we talk about here is in the spirit of making it more awesome. But I will tell you that without setting the right expectations, our results from analytics can be disappointing.

First, let’s start with the best parts of Google Analytics and why I love it.

  • It’s FREE
  • It’s EASY
  • It’s AWESOME
  • Over 80% Market Share Worldwide

But it can also be scary as heck! And overwhelming.

As you go through this, remember one thing: Google Analytics is just a tool

Tools fail if you don’t know how they work. But a tool with proper strategy can be revolutionary.

Google Analytics helps you find answers, but it isn’t the answer.

We are going to learn this tool inside out, and at times it may be overwhelming.

But everything is going to be alright.

When all else fails, remember this one maxim: simplify the complex.

We are using our analytics data to tell stories.

Analytics: where and why?

Where can we use analytics?

  • To generate ideas
  • To understand what is working
  • To fix things that are not working
  • To improve our results
  • To tell our customer story
  • To calculate our value
  • To justify and encourage investment
  • To see into the future

Now that we have set our expectations, our next lesson will talk about the fundamentals of Google Analytics.

Questions? Ask them below!