Google Analytics Beginner Training Course

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Google Analytics Beginner Training Course

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Google Analytics Beginner Training Course

  • Carla Wright says:

    I totally agree with Fred.
    I also knew much of the class but still managed to pick up a few tips and tricks. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the classes and to learn the in-depth, practical knowledge Jess frames every lesson with.
    Jeff is a great teacher; he addresses all the questions your mind wanders to throughout each lesson allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than trying to piece together everything at once. The best part is that any question will be addressed in an upcoming video or you have a community to ask your question to in context of the video and other lessons.
    Highly recommended to learn about what GA can offer and to dip your toes in.

  • Fred Pike says:

    I signed up for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced GA classes. I’m already fairly familiar with GA, but I wanted to cover my bases and get ready for the GA certification exam.
    Having just completed the “Beginner” class, I have to say it’s excellent. Jeff explains things really well. He has been teaching GA for years, and his knowledge really shines through. What I have really liked is his walkthrough of the different reports and aspects of GA, and particularly his emphasis on the truly important reports – and his pointing out the less-important parts.
    Even though I knew much of the beginner class material, I learned quite a few little tricks I hadn’t known before. It was well worth my time.
    Highly recommended.