Analytics vs. Reporting

Analytics vs. Reporting

This lesson brings me back in front of the camera to discuss a topic that is near to my heart. The difference between analytics and reporting.

We may think that they are the same thing, but as you’ll see in this video, they are very different.

Analytics tools are great for telling us what happened, and by how much.

Our brains must come up with an explanation of why it happened, the story of what we learned, and a plan for how we can get more of it.

Analytics is the process of using our brains to make sense of the data and reports that we gather.

Can a computer replace your work?

It replaced mine!

But there’s hope, because computers can’t think like you can. We can bring a lot of value to the organization and make better decisions through analytics. Computers have a long way to go before they can generate institutional knowledge.

Analytics vs. Reporting summary

  • Reporting is already taken over by computers
  • Thinking and solving problems is future proof
  • Let’s use our brains to do awesome things
  • Make data driven decisions

Hope you enjoyed this video – it is one of the most important topics we can learn when it comes to marketing and analytics!