What can you do with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics - The answer to your marketing questions

We can use Google Analytics to help us measure and track almost every aspect of customer communication.

It is truly a wonder tool, or maybe the ultimate Swiss Army Knife.

I created the Periodic Table of Google Analytics to help you understand all the ways you can use this amazing tool.  

Download the Periodic Table of Google Analytics

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There are 190 elements, which means we have a lot of weapons in our arsenal.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Content Performance
Answers the question: What content is performing best?

Custom Dashboards
Use dashboards to consolidate your reports, and import dashboards from experts with the Google Analytics gallery.

Advanced Segments
Track performance by visitor segments.

Social Value Reports
Measure value of social traffic.

Attribution Modeling
This is the $150,000 tool that Google gives you for free.

What else can we track?

  • Track Mobile Website and Apps
  • Offline Marketing
  • Video Plays
  • Phone Calls
  • CRM Integration
  • Demographics
  • Cross Device Tracking
  • Remarketing
  • Benchmarking

Pretty much any marketing activity can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Do you see why we love it so much?