The Value of Being Google Analytics Certified

The Value of Being Google Analytics Certified

To look forward, let’s start by going back in time. Remember Lesson 3?

This is the lesson where we we talked about the difference between reports generated by humans and those from computers. I asked, could you tell the difference?

We started by showing the New York Times Quiz: Humans vs. Computers, and I showed my poor score.

We concluded that today, computers can turn easily data into information. This is apparent in a tool that you can use called Quill Engage.

Then I asked, can a computer replace your work? And shared how it replaced mine! The work I was doing 5-10 years ago is now almost completely replaced by a computer.

Then we talked about how there is hope, because computers haven’t learned analytics yet (and it is still a long way away).

That means we can have a healthy career in analytics without worrying about being replaced by artificial intelligence.

But how long will that last? At least until the year 2045. That is when artificial intelligence will be intelligent, according to Ray Kurzweil. He works at Google and wrote the book the Singularity is near.

So we have some time, and I still believe that analytics is a 50 year career.

Let’s come back to earth.

Analytics certification has real value, today. How much can you get paid?

Some Job Titles and Salary Ranges (USA)

Source: Creative Group Salary Guide 2018

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Experience is most important.

Ok, so now you know that this career can be lucrative.

But you shouldn’t be doing this for the money. 

At least not as your first priority.

My advice to anyone looking for a career in analytics is simple:

  1. Get experience first
  2. Then worry about compensation

Create value, grow profit for your organization.

Do this and you will make money.

Analytics as a Resume Builder

While running my digital agency for several years, I was responsible for hiring many new employees. I was employee number 5, and the company grew to 50+ employees under my watch.

To wrap up this video, I share some of my experiences as a hiring manager. These are insights that come from seeing thousands of resumes, conducting hundreds of phone interviews, and hiring 20+ people.

  • Make it relevant to the position you are applying
  • Analytics Certification is a Big Plus
  • Mention tools you have used and other relevant keywords
  • Match skills to the job description
  • Play up your relevant work experience
  • The first position is always the hardest
  • Check LinkedIn for connections at company
  • Include a personal note whenever possible

I have written about this extensively at Jeffalytics as well. Make sure to read How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing in 4 Steps for more insights.

Value of being analytics certified

We have at least 30 years before the robots take over (and a 50 year career).

  • We may be able to command high compensation right away (but I recommend focusing on the experience first)
  • Certification helps boost your resume
  • Follow my tips to get noticed