Google Closing Partners Certification Portal in 2018

For those of you who are certified with Google Analytics, or looking to obtain your certification, I wanted to call your attention to a new platform that Google will be rolling out on January 16, 2018.

Google is moving certifications from Google Partners to the Google Academy for Ads. If you are already certified, you should have received an email from Google with details about the switch (and how to transfer your certifications).

If not, hopefully this email triggers you to check out the new portal before the cutover date.

For years, we have been able to take our exams and store results in Google Partners – so this switch represents a significant change to how certification works.

It also represents a new batch of content produced by Google to help you learn how to use their platforms. Their tagline suggests this is “Fast and easy training from Google.”

Now let me start by saying that Google’s content is free, so you have nothing to lose by watching it. But I also want you to watch these videos with a discerning eye.

You know what else is free, fast and easy to watch? Television Commercials! 

Nothing good comes free, fast and easy. In the online marketing space, or life in general.

Good things take time. For example, Analytics Course is neither fast nor easy to complete. The majority of our students do not pass our beginner quiz on their first try.

But a funny thing happens when things are slow and hard. You work harder to achieve results. Nearly everyone who fails the beginner quiz in Analytics Course will go back and try it again. And on the second or third try? They pass the quiz.

Better yet, they begin to understand the concepts of Google Analytics more clearly. They revisit lessons to better understand the answers.

They turn information into knowledgeAnd that’s really cool!

In 2018, I’m considering developing a certification program that goes above and beyond what Google provides. It will be hardNot everyone will pass. But those who pass? They will have a badge of honor (and a badge for LinkedIn).

I realize that not everyone on this list would be interested in a certification program, especially since the Google program is already so recognizable.

But I am curious if anyone out there would be interested in this type of advanced certification program?

  • Tina says:

    I’m confused about this change. So would we still be recognized by GOOGLE as being “certified” if we pass the test in your course? Or do we have to take a separate test on GOOGLE’s site? Also, what is the difference between the Free Google Academy course content versus your course? I see that Google’s Academy also has a beginner and advanced course like you do.

    • Jeff Sauer says:

      Hi Tina – great question. Our course shows you how to pass the Google exams located in their portal. We do issue quizzes in the course along with certificates, but the main certification you want is that from Google.

      We help prepare you for the exam, and do a better job than Google in my opinion. Their advanced course is 60 minutes. Ours is 4 hours. Their entire course is 2 hours. Ours is 12 hours of materials. 2 hours is barely enough to scratch the surface. We build up knowledge from the ground up.

      That’s the main difference.

      • Tina says:

        Ok. That makes sense. So once we are done with your entire course, we would want to head over to Google Academy and take their test to get certified directly from them. Is there a limit to how many times we can take the test over at Google Academy? Hopefully it’s unlimited, just in case. Haha!